Down a winding tree-lined road in Kula, Maui sits a Tuscan-inspired villa in earthy shades of terracotta and tawny yellow. The 20-acre olive farm is an exceptional setting for an intimate party. At an elevation of 2200 feet, the expansive Calasa Gulch Olive Tree Farm boasts incredible bi-coastal views of Maui from above the clouds, enveloping silvery olive trees and grapevines in the cool upcountry mist. To inquire about a private event, please email


Celebrating life and Earth’s abundance—that’s what this house is all about.”
— Alan Battersby, Owner

Inspired by a deep rooted passion for his Italian culture and the life of pleasure it extols, Alan seamlessly recreated his childhood dreamscape in the verdant mountains of Maui. It is here that friends and family can gather over wine and cheese, taking in the tropical landscape of Maui’s island paradise amid ripening olives and grapes. The effortless pastoral setting lends itself to a lifestyle of the same — the notion that the gathering of loved ones and the enjoyment of simple pleasures is paramount. (Photos by Dmitri & Sandra)